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Applications of Interactive EPOS Kiosks

Many retail and hospitality industries utilize EPOS kiosks for a wide array of functions. The kiosks are strategically located in lobbies, stores, supermarkets, banks and other high-foot-traffic places to provide individuals with rapid and self-service access. The systems feature specialized software and hardware design within a public exhibit to provide the necessary applications, execute transactions, compare prices, request services and deliver information to existing and new customers. A kiosk can be designed to your business’s specialized needs. It can be integrated with a credit card reader, scanner, touchscreen, printer and multi channel software to ensure your business caters for all your customers needs in real time, any time regardless of location.



This self-service solution involves allocating a kiosk that provides the public with Internet access. Medical waiting rooms and hotels are some of the ideal places to set up your Internet EPOS kiosk. Special Internet kiosk software can be integrated to ensure your customers personal information is kept safe especially if they will be paying by card.



Car parks, train stations and movie theaters use ticketing EPOS systems to encourage customers to shop independently. Empowering customers to conduct their own transactions gives them freedom to undertake their own transactions. Customers in a hurry can utilize the ticketing kiosks with EPOS printers without waiting in queues.


Check-in EPOS kiosks

Airlines and hospitals are among industries utilizing self check-in kiosks. This reduces the need to line up while seeking services. The innovative solutions can be ideal for your business as well. You can take payments and arrange for home delivery or collection. In addition, the systems can cut the queues at checkouts thus improving response time and enabling better customer experience.


Vending kiosks

If your business entails vending products such as cosmetics, DVDs, software, gaming solutions, mobile devices, photos, ice cream and other products for sale, you can utilize a dispensing kiosk that is fully equipped with EPOS hardware and software to boost your sales. Your vending machine can dispense products and services day in day out without calling in sick as compared to your staff.


EPOS Kiosks Management

The right software can help manage the EPOS kiosks without any restraint. You can integrate your PC to get real time transactions and dealings of your kiosk stores at the comfort of your office. Your kiosk stores can be streamlined and managed from a centralized system. You can access all the details you require via the Internet to help in analyzing your business’s performance and creating marketing strategies. The software can help you collect information on customer shopping trends, inventory and sales. The software can be loaded on compatible mobile Internet devices and be used anywhere.


EPOS Technical Support & Maintenance

Since EPOS kiosks are normally stand alone systems that are only attended to if they malfunction, you should ensure you have adequate technical support from your suppliers. The ideal system should require low maintenance. This helps to keep down the cost of running your business.


An ideal EPOS for kiosk stores should be portable
Ensure integration of essential processing capabilities
Expand your business to the web by creating a functional e-commerce website


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