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Categories of EPOS hardware

The ideal EPOS system for your business requires the right hardware. Suppliers of EPOS systems can advise on the best hardware that is compatible with software of choice to help boost sales. Choice of hardware is dependent on your budget and your business needs. Hospitality and retail outlets with minimal operations may go for hardware that performs basic functions, yet keeps the business running at its best performance. Multi channel sales terminals including ecommerce stores and more complex businesses can opt for advanced hardware with features that ensure functionality even in stringent environments that restraint business efficacy.


Customer display screen

Customers are always keen when paying either by cash or credit card. Providing them with a customer display screen shows business transparency. The customer can view the quantity of purchases, prices and total cost of purchases. You can utilize a display hardware that shows moving promotional messages and other useful information when the display hardware is not in use. Ensure the display solution is adjusted for height, angle and rotation.



EPOS system printers are available for vast environments. Label printers are ideal for shelf-edge labels and prices. Impact printers are ideal for aggressive environments where harsh elements can interfere with printing. You can also opt for thermal printers for till receipt printing. If you want a printer than can print more than receipts, you can go for a multifunction printer. The device is capable of printing card and cheque slips. Mobile printers can issue an instant receipt while inkjet printers create tailor-made receipts.


Barcode scanners

You need a scanner to read coded prices. Depending on the type of business and business needs, you have an option of wireless, laser, linear, CCD and Omni barcode scanners. Some scanners are more suitable for reading smaller barcodes while others are ideal for larger barcodes.


EPOS terminals

EPOS systems are hooked to terminals to enable communication between the hardware and software. The computerized replacement for cash register runs your system’s software just as your computer and can integrate card swipe ability for secure login. The solutions can offer different warranty details. Some suppliers can offer onsite warranty where they visit your office, shop or service desk to fix any problems while others require you to send the terminal back to them.


Chip and pin

This EPOS hardware ensures smart credit card payment system for any sale. You don’t need to lose customers because you don’t accept cards. The customers don’t need to give your staff their cards. They can briefly swipe the card if the system is located at the check out. Handheld devices can be brought to the customers as well. The customers don’t have to provide their signatures. Instead they input pins, which is safer as opposed to signatures.


Touch screens

You can use a compatible touchscreen with the terminals, PC and EPOS software to boost business profitability. The screens are available in different colors, sizes and functions.



Other hardware for EPOS systems includes cash drawers, mobile devices, keyboard, price checker and mouse. The ideal hardware should be easy to upgrade and maintain. Consult reputable suppliers to ensure you only buy quality and compatible hardware solutions.


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