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Choosing the best Night Club EPOS Systems

A nightclub is a high-paced sales environment. Orders for food and drinks need to be accurate and timely. You need suppliers who can retail the best night club EPOS system for your hospitality business. The systems combine functional rich software with compatible hardware and state-of-the-art touchscreen technology. The best night club EPOS system should undertake every function required including store management. Integrating several modules such as multi channel software for ecommerce solutions is also ideal. Hardware such as a scanner, printer and credit card reader can also be integrated.



The best EPOS solution should be what your business needs. Therefore, you should analyze your business requirements. You should set a budget that you are willing to spend to help facilitate a great guest experience in your business. While determining the budget, consider future needs as well. For instance, you may add hardware such as printers or a card reader. You may also need to update your software.



You require a system that automates workflow. The EPOS system should help communicate orders to the kitchen and bar so the staff can prepare the right order at the right time. The system should be flexible enough to accommodate different price tariffs dependents on times and days of the week. This is essential especially if you are going to be running promotions that entice customers such as happy hour. Changing prices should be effortless. The office management can configure promotions on products easily.



If you are running a high volume nightclub, you are likely to handle a large proportion of cash. EPOS systems that allow staff to access the equipment by a secure key-card can be ideal. The system should offer full cash reports daily. Every sale should be itemized in a systematic manner. Such a system can help identify the staff responsible for every order and transaction at a particular time. This ensures accountability in real time at all times.


Perfect stock control

The system should help track stock to the nearest measure. Built-in reporting and charting capabilities can detail when stock is moving in large quantities and when it needs to be replenished. You can also determine dead stock which you can rid off and instead restock with fast moving products. You may also determine particular days of the week, month or year when your nightclub is busy or not. This can help you prepare your stock and staff in advance.


Back office management

You should have full control of all your nightclub activities including the ecommerce site. Software that integrates back office management is ideal to ensure your business dealings are at your fingertips. You can obtain sales data using reports and graphs that highlight trends in your business you never knew about. This critical information can remove any restraint you may have in improving and sustaining your business. You can use the information to concentrate on your businesses key capabilities that continuously improve your customers’ nightclub experience.



You can integrate a door entry EPOS if needed
Choose spill proof design for fast transaction
Opt for one that keeps track of every ounce of alcohol served


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