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Features that Distinguish Fashion EPOS Systems

Hospitality EPOS systems are not the only solutions that suppliers provide business owners. Retail EPOS systems are also available for industries such as fashion. Your fashion retail business can be based on fast-moving short-order fashion or designer brands. Regardless of the type of fashion business, the suppliers can provide you with fashion EPOS systems that have distinguishable features to help run your business as demanded by your customers. The right EPOS system can integrate compatible hardware and feature-rich software to ensure you have all the information about your business at the touch of a button.


Stock management

Stock management features include margin setting, multi buy discounts, promotion settings with date ranges, barcode creation and printing and fast find. You can also go for a system that can help set departments, prices, VAT rates, color and size matrix as well as linking barcodes to multiple suppliers. The equipment can ensure one-click ordering with key performance indicators. A visual stock tree can be helpful in managing your stock even for complex fashion items such as clothes. You can have minimum and maximum stock holding settings. The EPOS system can help you take and adjust stock as well as transfer stock from one branch to another.


Sales module

An array of features can be made available by the right fashion EPOS system. Hardware such as credit card reader, printers, scanner and touchscreen terminal can be integrated with the sales module to ensure accuracy and efficiency. You can scan barcodes, display product images, search a sale, apply discounts on overall sale or product, issue receipts and even integrate chip and pin hardware. Sometimes you may have returns on products. Printing barcodes on receipts can help in identifying quick returns at a later date. A good sales module can account for miscellaneous sales, petty cash and end of day balancing.


Business management

Detailed reporting of the day’s transactions and graphical analysis is possible with fashion EPOS. You can track the performance of your staff in real time remotely by integrating back office management. You can manage stocks, promotions and prices from anywhere including your home. Ecommerce integration ensures proper management of all your ecommerce warehouses, channels and stores. Back office for multi channel ecommerce can make sure no web orders are taken for goods that have just sold out in store.


Fashion EPOS reports

Your printer can produce customer, staff, summary, inventory, sales, purchase, management, financial and supplier reports. All these reports are essential in ensuring your fashion business does not suffer any restraint when running, improving and expanding. The reports can show if customers are paying by card or cash. The frequency in any of the reports can be used to your store’s advantage. You can maximize on the software data to enhance how your business operates and to serve your customers better.



Different fashion EPOS suit different business needs. Some are ideal for small fashion businesses while others are more efficient for running large-scale fashion enterprises. The right solution should be determined by your business. A demonstration on the capabilities of the EPOS system can help you in making an informed decision.


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