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Guide to Important Features of EPOS Software

Businesses require EPOS systems with the right software to keep up with the current business trends while leveraging competition. Any restraint that affects a business can be eliminated by using EPOS software that undertakes all the business’s dealings effectively and efficiently. When incorporated into hardware, the software ensures business scalability by performing the functions demanded by the business. You can improve your demand forecasting and focus more on profitable lines to increase sales. As the brain of your EPOS system, the software should be dependable, easy to use and friendly.


Stock control

If your business’s stock is managed properly, your customers will always have the products they want to buy when they want to buy. Software solutions ensure hospitality and retail outlets have their stock under control. Stock control benefits include improved efficiency, increased profitability, improved stock utilization, improved customer loyalty, improved cash management and improved marketing.


Sales reports

A sale transaction can be generated by the software. The business’s sales reports are ideal when analyzing the business performance against sales goals. Senior management can use the reports to take timely corrective action after evaluating the business’s performance. Capturing the sales trends can help you focus on higher margin trends.


Data back up

An EPOS system comes with hardware such as printers, scanner, touchscreen, customer display, chip and pin and weighing scales. Software that is compatible with the hardware ensures proper data backup. You can store data every day on a regular basis at a scheduled time. All the information created by the software stored safely for future use.


Live update

The right software enables live update of every transaction involved including change in stock and prices as well as quantity of items in store. You can acquire live reports on sales and stock movements. This ensures you have full control of every change that affects your business.


Store, web and mail order integration

You can incorporate multi channel sales into your hardware using EPOS software. The versatility of EPOS software can allow you to operate multi-site businesses. If you have two or more ecommerce sites, you can contact suppliers who can provide you with suitable software. You can connect multiple offline stores to enable you to run everything through a seamless and synchronized system. The core back office module for multiple sales channels ensures head office has total visibility of what is happening in the various branches.


Customer Relationship Management

Customers can use cash or a credit card when shopping. When using a card, the software completes the transaction by correctly logging the customer’s details and issuing a receipt through the printer. The software logs customer behavior to help in marketing campaigns geared to increase a retailer’s client base. This ideal solution can also help target clients by offering promotions that relate to the products they buy.


Fast creation of purchase orders

Ordering from your suppliers is made easier by the software. The ideal software can analyze sales flow and minimum stock quantities. The right solution can suggest a re-order profile and print off order for each supplier.


Buying guide:

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Find a reputable supplier
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