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Mobile EPoS Technology Revolutionizes The Way Commerce Is Done!

Mobile EPoS (or MPoS) provides majority of the features of EPoS into those environments where it’ll often be impractical to use an EPoS system. Therefore, MPoS helps in delivering a solution that actually adapts to its environment.


Payment Processing Through MPoS

MPoS terminals could be used in an virtually endless list of scenarios acting as multi channel sale points. It can be utilized in short-term sales environments (such as exhibitions and trade shows) to transact with the customers. Intended for delivery focussed businesses and organizations, MPoS allows them to carry out face-to-face transaction via. credit card, thereby reducing fraud (for the merchant) and making clients feel more at ease. It lowers the risks related to dealing with cash, ensures that delivery drivers have no need to carry any cash for change. There’s no more a restraint due to a limited fixed till points to perform daily operations. A tablet that can also act as an offline checkout, at almost every place. Only employ a till which moves to handle raised demand or for a backup in the event of an emergency.


Saving Valuable Time and Money

MPoS saves a large amount of time in various other environments. Many forward-thinking businesses make use of handheld terminals to route incoming orders directly to the suppliers, thus eliminating the need to re-enter buyer order into the EPoS terminal. Utilizing mobile EPoS, now sales staff don’t need to leave the client to go and check out the stock in the store. Neither do they have to get to the point-of-sale, so staff members can call some other branch to check the stock levels and prices. It’s quick, far convenient and in addition to this, the stock is sold, reserved or ordered directly on the spot. It almost eliminates the requirement of costly hardware and software systems, scanner, printer, scanner and other office equipments.


Added Functionality

There are various scenarios when a mobile device can be hugely beneficial. Along with a mobile equipment, your store staff could have an entire new selection of services at their disposal. During silent times, the staff members can even use these devices to access online training portals, analyze and research trends on the internet or even practice transactions.


More MPoS Means More Sales and More Space

The removal of fixed till points will mean you can utilize your store space more effectively, improve the store’s layout and display more amount of stock. Also, your staff can easily and quickly notice which items need to be replenished. As these devices can work anywhere with wireless access, now selling isn’t just limited to the retail store. So, no matter if it’s a music festival, fashion show, pop-up stand, or perhaps even out on the streets, it’s possible to take your store directly to your customers!


An Improved Customer Experience

Mobile EPoS facilitates staff to determine the available stock, order stock online, offer add-ons or alternatives, record consumer data, take payments and issue e-receipts (instead of using printers), regardless of where they are. This means your staff can provide a better, personalized shopping experience and hospitality, even while capturing valuable information about your customers.

The capability to instantly raise the transactional efficiency of a business with simply an employee and a small touchscreen device will lead to plenty of unique and currently unimagined applications. In the form of uncomplicated utilization of ecommerce technology in order to resolve a pre-existing problem, MPoS will provide scope for numerous solutions that were unimagined to this point of time.


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