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Overview of Hotel EPOS System Modules

Hotel EPOS systems need to be discreet and flexible while offering greater control of your business. Suppliers can retail an efficient hospitality system to keep track of your business by integrating various modules. This can ensure all operations are running smoothly. The hotel’s electronic point of sale system can help increase revenues, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure logical and functional management. Most hotel systems are scalable from a single terminal to multiple networked terminals.


Office software

Integrating multi channel software ensures that every activity within the hotel is transmitted in real time to your PC. The right software can link all your sales terminals including the ecommerce website to be accessed straight from your office.


Ordering system

Using touchscreen hardware can ensure your staff enters the necessary data quickly and efficiently. Orders from customers regardless of their location within the hotel can be transferred to the relevant printer when a staff member enters the order in any touchscreen terminal in the building. Some terminals can even determine the time the order will be ready and inform the staff so he or she can relay to the guest. Other systems can prompt staff to ask for extras, which can increase sales and revenue.


Stock control

Hotel EPOS software ensures stock levels are in control. Staff can determine when an item is sold out or out of stock at a press of a button. Hotel electronic point of sale systems can determine when the stock of any item is about to run out and prompt staff responsible for stock taking to contact suppliers for restocking.


Transfer of bills to room account

Bills can be transferred to guest accounts, which can help identify guests who are running up credit while staying in your hotel. Consolidating totals can help you to access the bills quickly especially when the guest is checking out. In addition, customers who just want to know their total bill can be provided the information fast and efficiently.


Custom analytical management reporting

A report generator and graphical representation can offer you insight on how your business performs at different periods of the year. You can determine the restaurant and bar items that move fast and if customers opt for credit card or cash payments. This can help you in staffing, adjusting prices, inventory control and integrating card readers. You can always be prepared for peak seasons.


Track staff activity

You can keep track of employee activity because you can determine when a particular activity was keyed in and by which member of staff. You can know which staff member is responsible for sending orders to various printers and using a scanner for registration, thus bringing a level of accountability. Since staff will know they are electronically monitored, they are likely to ensure their performance is excellent, which in turn can boost productivity.



Menu management, customer loyalty, reservations, staff scheduling are other solutions integrated by hotel EPOS systems. Hotel businesses can suffer restraint in successful management if proper EPOS systems are not integrated. If you don’t have an adequate solution to manage your hotel business, you risk losing your hard-earned investment.

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