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Why EPOS Touch Screen Systems are Becoming Popular

The demand for utmost customer satisfaction is driving hospitality and retail businesses to adopt the most efficient EPOS mechanisms. Fashion, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, takeouts, fashion, jewelry and numerous other enterprises are opting for touch screen EPOS systems as valuable investments that remove any restraint in day-to-day running of a business. Customers shopping trends are continuously changing and businesses have to adjust to increase sales by investing in the innovative hardware and software that suits the progressive changes. Suppliers on the other hand, ensure that businesses are provided with the solutions that can integrate multi channel sales, credit card, e-commerce and office modules.


Versatile Screen Display

Advanced touchscreen EPOS system feature a versatile clear screen that helps perform the necessary business functions. The technological solution requires the staff to use his finger or a stylus to input purchase details of a customer. The system can be integrated for functions such as scanning barcodes, displaying products and prices and adding up totals including. The display screen informs the customer the totals of the purchases and order quantity. It also informs on the cashier’s point of work.


Minimize on hardware

The system reduces the need for hardware. You can eliminate the need to purchase a keyboard, calculator or mouse since everything is conducted by touching the screen. Customer display hardware is not necessary when using touchsceen display. You may still use the scanner to generate and display the product code and the printer to provide customers with receipts that detail the prices, totals and change. A sale using a card can also be conducted without the need for additional hardware especially if the unit has an in-built slot for processing credit cards.


Better functionality

Integrate the system’s software with your personal computer or back office. Back office modules help in overall control of your business. This integration ensures all other functions related to business such as current prices and current stocks are running smoothly. Customers can also use the solutions themselves to pay for their purchases and print the receipts with the EPOS printers. The touch screen buttons are placed in correct places for easy access and navigation. The buttons guide the customers when paying for the goods or services at checkout points. The system becomes fast and reliable as customers become proficient in using it.


Business productivity

Your business can interact better with customers and the workforce easily and efficiency thus increasing productivity. The system cuts on costs, helps solve customer queries without the assistance of your staff, eases workloads and increases target audience. You don’t need many employees if you integrate a touchscreen solution into your business. The cost saving system can still perform without a staff member. The queue busting solution increases productivity and sales because your customers don’t have to wait around before they are served. Paperwork is eliminated and staff can concentrate more on customer experience instead of performing menial jobs. The all-in-one equipment is space saving. The system improves cash management and helps eliminate fraud in business.


Buying tips

Determine your budget
Opt for tailored solutions for total control of your business
Look for warranty and 24/7 support service

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