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Looking for an EPoS System? Check out the amazing benefits can you expect:


TickAll the traditional functions: Like printing receipts, scanning barcodes and calculating costs. Customizing your receipts and invoices with your logo, business address and any details of promotions you are running.


TickIntegration: Get your EPoS system hooked up with your stock control, web store, SaaS app, supplier ordering system or anything else you want it to connect to.


TickReporting: Find out exactly what is selling and when, so you can run custom promos for popular products with full, easy to understand graphs and metrics. This kind of business insight can add 100′s of percent to your bottom line. You can also drop under performing products that are taking up valuable time and space. True business optimization!


TickData: Your EpoS system can keep track of all of your customers, and their requirements. This can connect directly with your phone system so you know who is calling, and have all their details on screen in second, this makes taking new orders over 70% faster as you don’t have to ask for shipping or delivery info, card numbers or any other required info.


Head markerWhat does an EPoS system comprise of?


EPoS tillThe Till: The Till system is a simple mechanism that opens and closes to store physical currency. There are many types and you can customize the specification to your needs. Tills are not always required for a system, especially when operating online stores.


EPoS barcode scannerThe barcode scanner: This laser devise can read a bar code in a few Milli seconds and instantly transfers the data to to the EPoS software for processing. Again these are only usually required in a retail situation, and not required for eCommerce EPoS.


EPoS softwareThe software: This is the most critical part of the set up, you can choose between existing software packages that are made for normal set ups, like a simple retail outlet. Or your software can be fully customized to suit your exact requirements. You could for example have a web order come in, print a shipping label and send a text message to a member of packing staff to collect and pack the items, and then automatically re-order the items from your supplier during your next order run. All on auto pilot. That is just one example, any business operation can be integrated with ease and low cost.


EPoS hardwareThe hardware: This is the system the software is run on, it can be anything from a custom micro PC running windows to a full Linux based server managing 10′s or 100′s of systems at once. Plus all the wiring, routers and switches to connect the network together. Your installer will take care of all of that for you.


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Head markerEPoS systems In More Detail.


Commonly known as electronic point of sale or point of sale system, an EPoS system is innovative technology that enables efficient recording of the sale of services and goods to the customer. The computerized systems are used in hospitality and retail outlets including pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, casinos, stadiums, supermarkets, furniture, nightclubs, grocery store, fashion, convenient store, dry cleaning and laundry inclusive of many others. The specialized digital equipment is highly sought after by businesses looking to have a centralized up-to-the-minute technology while reaping instant and long term benefits. You can upgrade your electronic cash register to an EPoS system if you want to keep up with the modern trend of running your business on a day-to-day level.


Head markerRetail EPoS System Operation


The technological solutions are ideal for various sectors including independent, multiple and corporate. The system consists of hardware and software specifically designed to perform in a suitable POS environment. Some of the operations include supporting data entry, tracking taxes and sales, updating stock, managing sales, issuing receipts, giving authentic pricing details and other real time functions such as handling sales calculations, which includes totals and change. The operation of these business solutions is enhanced by the fact that you can integrate with credit card systems. This ensures that customers who provide a card instead of cash for payments are also accommodated.


Head markerImportance of EPoS Systems


Suppliers of EPoS systems can give your business a bespoke solution that speeds up productivity, saves money and increases sales. The ecommerce equipment can perform as demanded even in businesses that experience high traffic, which may cause some restraint in customer support and service. The point of sale equipment ensures speedy transactions, accurate sales reporting, quick and efficient change of prices, reduces human intervention and oversight and enables constant updates of the inventory for sales, promotion and auditing purposes. Furthermore, the systems improve the credibility of the business. Information collected and stored can also be used in assessing the performance of the business. As a business owner, you are in a better position to know which products are moving and which are not. You can adjust your marketing strategies and product lines to ensure utmost customer satisfaction and business sustainability.


Head markerFeatures of EPoS Systems


The individual features of POS systems offer individual functions. Integration of the features enhances the efficiency of the systems. Your hardware peripherals can include weighing scale, cash draw, customer display, touchscreen monitor, printer, cash display monitor, barcode scanner, tablets, chip and pin terminals and an office video system. The heart of the EPOS system is the software. Software that is in line with your business should be easy to use yet powerful and reliable. Ecommerce experts can highlight some of the key features when looking for web EPOS software suppliers. The software should integrate with all your EPOS channels and should allow future maintenance and growth of your business.


Head markerEPoS Software Capabilities


Depending on the choice of software, your business can have access to a comprehensive list of capabilities. Multi channel software can be used on a variety of operating systems to offer greater control and visibility. You may have the ability to operate across multiple stores, sites and even point of sale devices. All your sales channels can be accessed in real time to stock levels and client information. The software can allow business owners to manage their businesses even on compatible mobile devices and PDAs. The administrative tool of the software allows automatic synching of products, payments, orders, returns, inventory and communication from all channels.


Head markerChoosing the Right EPoS System


Before settling for any EPoS system, you should ensure you choose the right one. The availability of different systems from a range of suppliers can ensure you purchase the right system for your business. You need to understand your business needs by identifying the unique needs. You should also establish a budget to help you in selecting the system that best fits the money you are willing to spend. Talk to your customers to get an insight on their purchase and payment experiences. Their first-hand perspective on their shopping experience can help you in making an informed decision. You have a choice of stand-alone, customized EPoS, EPoS linked to your accounting system, software-based solutions and outsourced EPoS systems. EPOSX is now very happy to be teamed up with Flittr, the leading EPoS system providers in the UK market today. Based in London, Flittr has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality EPoS systems and the best price since the market first emerged.


Head markerChoice of EPoS System Vendor


Research the company you are looking to purchase and install your system. Ensure they have a credible reputation and an established track record in providing business owners with efficient point of sale systems. Ensure the company of choice stands behind their products through critical software updates, extended warranty protection for hardware including printers, maintenance and feature enhancements and after-hours technical support. Opt for suppliers who provide hardware, software and services under one roof to ensure single point of accountability. This can reduce your overall costs as well as help to eliminate blame game in case of any problems.


Head markerEPoS Data Protection


Most digital devices are prone to losing data. You should acquire the best backup or data protection for all your accounting and POS data created by the software. Onsite protection is possible by use of physical media such as external hard drive and DVDs among other media. If you opt for onsite data protection, you should ensure your POS data is frequently updated, a copy is produced on a regular and scheduled basis and you remove the copy from the site. Protection of this critical information can be provided by a third party that provides offsite data backup service. Offsite protection is ideal in case in case you lose your data through hardware malfunction, fire or theft. In such unforeseeable cases, recovery and rebuilding data may also be a difficult task. Base data may be rebuilt but historical data may be lost. Securing data in an offsite facility can ensure you access important information when needed.


Head markerConclusion


EPoS systems offer solid ROI. They cut costs, save time while ensuring revenue growth. Money saved can be used to expand your business while good time management is essential when you want to focus on your business’s core capabilities. Therefore, you should ensure your EPoS system is the right choice for your business’s current and long-term needs.


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